Best Beer Pong Tables in 2017

Choosing the Best Beer Pong Table for you:

Ah the ever present game of Beer Pong. The quintessential college game that’s been around for generations upon generations but never seems to go out of style. So maybe you’re thinking: What’s the big deal? I’ve been to plenty of fun parties and never once did I play beer pong. The fact is beer pong will turn your party from merely fun to absolutely incredible simply thanks to the competitive aspect of the game. If you’ve already played before then you understand that even a cheap beer pong table is one of the many college necessities and you might be wondering: where can I buy a beer pong table? We at College Appeal have come up with a set of five of the best beer pong tables in 2017 will turn your party or tailgate from fun to an absolutely wild night that you will never forget.

GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong / Tailgate Tables

photo of a portable dry erase beer pong table

This has got to be one of the more truly innovative tables that we have seen. With pre cut cup holes, it’s perfect for the group that likes to keep things clean and avoid spills. This is fantastic for fraternity and sorority tailgates where you’ve got to look sharp in your blazer or dress before you make your way to the stadium for the big game. Drink spillage is an unfortunate part of the game and we think these drink holes will help to prevent that from happening. Plus there’s no end to how you get to design your table as it is made of whiteboard material and comes with four dry erase markers. Maybe you want to keep things official and set up a tournament for your party or tailgate. With the dry erase markers, you can create your bracket right on the table itself! Not only will this be helpful as you progress through the tournament but it will also look really cool-especially when you wipe out your rival team from the board. This 8’ table folds up and has handles so you can take it anywhere you go.

GoPong Pool Party Barge Floating Beer Pong Table with Cooler, White, 6-Feet

photo of a floating beer pong table with an ice cooler

Floating beer pong table! Can you say summer shindig pool party?? This pong raft (made from professional raft grade material) can handle 10 cup beer pong games and has a built in cooler in the middle so you won’t have to stop your game just when it’s starting to get good. The table is very easy to inflate and deflate and is perfect for taking it on vacations and music festivals. Because it’s made of professional grade raft material, it’s sturdy so if you don’t feel like having a party but still want to laze around on that hot summer day you can inflate it and climb on top without breaking it. The cup holders are spaced evenly for optimal game play and each purchase comes with six free pong balls. The coolest thing: there is a free 100% warranty on it so you can just return it if it ever gets damaged. That’s why we’ve named it one of the best beer pong tables.

Can't Stop Party Supplies Inflatable Beer Pong Raft Floating Pool Pong Game - Choose Your Design

photo of a custom design floating beer pong table

Had enough of floating beer pong tables yet? Of course you didn’t. Like the GoPong Barge, you can float on this thing as well and laze around under the sun as you get that spring break tan. Plus the cup holders are flexible and go extra deep so it can hold everything from normal solo cups to large glasses that hold cocktails or mixed drinks without spilling. We think the “Turn Up” design is a pretty clever bonus and would make a great addition to an epic pool party. Or climb atop it if you’re just trying to chill out at the pool or in the ocean while your friends go crazy with some of the best beer funnels on spring break.

8-Foot Beer Pong Table w/ Cup Holes, LED Glow Lights, Dry Erase Surface, & More...

photo of a lightup beer pong table

This beer pong table is like the beefed up version of the GoPong portable table. This glow in the dark table has pizzazz and was designed with the die-hard beer pong fanatic in mind for whom a standard table just doesn’t quite take the cake. Not only does it have the dry erase marker surface with dry erase pens included, it also has 20 different LED lights with 20 different light modes (flashing, strobe, solid etc.). So when the time comes for the party to turn up a notch and the lights go out, we get the ultimate glowing beer pong table. The wax finish on this pong table protects it from those annoying sticky spills and the built in holders stop drinks from spilling on the table. It’s a foldable beer pong table so you can take it from your home to the party for a wild night time glow event. We would even suggest adding it to a blacklight party as the LED light flashing can accompany the music playlist and would height the experience for people that might be playing with white shirts covered in neon paint.

PongCaddie Revolutionary Beer Pong Technology. Improve Gameplay. Regulate Leaners. Stop Chasing Pong Balls.

Photo of a beer pong table with nets

So your group gets pretty competitive and you’re all sticklers for the official rules. Maybe it’s the official handbook rules or your own house rules but you also don’t like to waste time between shots and make sure to enforce the “elbow rule”. If this is the case, then we recommend the PongCaddie. This table has nets on the end that serve to catch overthrown balls or balls that bounce off of cups. Plus it also has the added bonus of preventing players from leaning over the table to get an easier shot. We would highly recommend these nets for the person that hates wasting time searching for balls on the ground in a packed house party. Instead of having to pick up these dirty balls from the floor, the nets slide the missed shots into a pocket for easy retrieval. It’s also easy to fold up and transport so you won’t have to deal with game slowdowns at your next tailgate or house party.

So there you have it: the Best Beer Pong Tables in 2017. Having a quality pong table should be as high up on the list as dorm room needs and essentials. It’s a guaranteed ice breaker at parties and will lead to some fond memories. With this list, we’ve found some truly unique options. Whether you are an old school player that just needs the standard eight foot long pong table, are an aficionado looking to up your party status with some crazy LED lights, or want something that would turn a relaxing day out at the pool into a summer party hit, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best beer pong tables for sale. Whatever your preference is, these pong tables are sure to make you the life of the party as you make priceless memories with the friends that you will have for the rest of your life.