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Your dorm is like a second home for 8 months, maybe it is your home? All jokes aside you would want to have that dorm be nice decorated and organized, and we understand. That is why we compiled this list of useful things that could help you turn your dorm into a little place away from home. Check out all the dorm essentials below.

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Best College Dorm Room Essentials

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College Apartment Checklist

College Dorm Room Bedding

Time To Move In!

The hard part is over: you’ve arrived at college. You’re on campus and you’re moving into your dorm. This room is about to become your home, so it’s important to make sure it’s comfortable and welcoming. One question remains: what things for college do you need to bring with you?

Things You Might Need For Your Dorm

Beer pong supplies are true college dorm room essentials. After a long week of classes, studying and exams, we need to get a group of friends together and have some fun. So what do we need? Well, for starters, the following:

Drom Bedding

The Twin XL mattress is standard in nearly all college dorms. Most stores have sheets that are specifically designed to fit this type of mattress.


It’s a good idea to have more than one set of towels: two hand towels, two washcloths, two bath towels, and so on. This way you can wash one set and still be able to take a shower

Shower Supplies

Before you think about anything else, add flip-flops to your dorm room checklist. You’ll be sharing showers with multiple other people, and personal hygiene is a must. You might also want a bathrobe, too, if you want more privacy than just a towel while walking to and from the showers. Added bathrobe bonus: if there’s a fire drill, you’ll stay warm while waiting to go back inside. A shower caddy is also essential for carting your stuff to and from the shower.

College Furniture

Your dorm room won’t have much space, so maximize what you can. Add a futon or small sleeper sofa for extra seating and a spot for friends or guests to crash. A sleeping bag or air mattress also works well. When it comes to storage, adhesive strips and hooks that come off cleanly are your friend. With these, you gain extra space to hang coats/belts/miscellany – and avoid the risk of a charges for damages at the end of the year.

Room Décor

While string lights have been a decorating staple in college dorms for years, they are also a fire hazard. A better option is to stick with floor lamps, which add the lighting you need more safely. Other décor you should add to your dorm room checklist? An area rug for a punch of color, and photos of friends and family to brighten up the walls. Last but not least, you will want a fan – college dorms can get very stuffy, especially in summer.

Desk Essentials

There are a lot to think about, but here are a few basics: index cards for memorizing key terms; colored pens for color-coding your notes or planner; highlighters; and notebooks. You might consider getting one notebook for each class, and writing the name of the subject on the front in permanent marker to stay organized.

Kitchen Needs

Your food habits are bound to change in college. You might stay up or sleep in later than you used to at home. With the right kitchen tools – cutlery, a few bowls and plates, and some glasses – you’ll be ready for midnight snacks and breakfast at noon.

Party Gear

And then, of course, there’s the college party scene. You’ll probably attend more than a few parties during your freshman year, and with the best college party products, you’ll be guaranteed a good time. Beer pong and flip cup are classic college party games that always seem to make an appearance at sororities, fraternities, and tailgates. You’ll be the life of the party with a beer pong table.

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