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You can’t have a party without the best party gear at hand, like having the best beer pong tables, or having the best beer bong funnel. When you combine people, good music, and the right stuff you get the most amazing night of your life. Take a look at the fun stuff below to improve your party experience.

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Best College Beer Pong Tables

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Party Supplies for College

Now that the exciting time has come to go off to college, the question on our minds is “what do I need to bring with me for the best possible college experience?” Other than the typical college stuff that we all know that we need, like notebooks, pens and pencils, and backpacks, keep reading to find out exactly what party supplies for college will help provide the best experience possible!

Beer Pong Supplies

Beer pong supplies are true college dorm room essentials. After a long week of classes, studying and exams, we need to get a group of friends together and have some fun. So what do we need? Well, for starters, the following:

One of the best beer funnels is the beer bong with valve premium beer funnel. Sturdy and leak proof, this beer funnel is sure to be the hit of the party or get together.

GLOWPONG Glowing Game Set is one of the most fun games around! Everyone in the dorm will love playing this game with a unique glow in the dark feature that makes for a great time. What a great way to decompress after a long day or week of lectures!

Spin Pong: Rotating Beer Pong Rack. No party is complete without this! Put a fun, literal twist on beer pong. Our friends will never want to stop playing.

Mini Pong. We all need this mini beer pong set, so we can easily move the party from one room to another as necessary! We never know where the party will take us!

There are definitely some other supplies that will be needed. In order to have a great time with friends, consider the following:

EZ Drinker Drink Vest. One of the best party supplies for college, this is a vest that is adjustable to fit anyone and holds up to 12 cans at once! Make sure not to get caught without a beer!

Drunk, stoned or stupid. Don’t miss out on one of the best games around! Everyone will roar with laughter as hilarious stories are told while playing this game. It is the ultimate “truth game” and a great way to find out stuff about our friends that we would never have known!

Drink-O-Tron: The Drinking Game of Kings. WIth cards that describe all the original Kings/Circle of Death rules, this game is perfect for anyone who loves to play Kings. Play with 2 people or a large group and prepare for the time of your life!

Wyndham Dual Tank Double Beverage Dispenser Backpack, 74 L – you can be the “bartender on the go”, walking around freshening up everyone’s drink!

Everyone will love this convenient backpack that keeps drinks cold and fresh and dispenses that much-needed refill immediately! One of many must have party supplies for college!

There are endless fun times to be had in the college dorm! All of these above-mentioned supplies are essential, plus, feel free to check out much more at the College Appeal website. It is important to remember that college isn’t all about studying, writing papers and worrying about grades. It is important to have fun, memorable times with friends, for our own sanity! These products are the perfect way to do just that! Have fun!